Duffo | Fade 2 Grey


Duffo, Bob The Birdman, 1981



Side1 Side2
Bob The Birdman Take A Walk On The Wid Side
Slave Of Marakeesh Elephant Man
Daddy Is A Mushroom (I Am) The Fly
Mirror Man New York Is The Moon
Le Poseur Crazee Man


Duffo, vocals– Rob Adams- drums, Sev Lewkowicz, keyboards/vocals,Dick Middleton- guitar,Tim Wheatly– bass guitar-Produced by Peter Cormack/Duffo

 Bob the Birdman was Duffo´s third album which has some good tracks on it but for me is not as good as his earlier work. Saying that it really is worth a listen worth a listen.

The album features nine Duffo original songs and one cover,Lou Reed´s Walk on the Wild Side- this synthpop version really should have been  a hit.. Other songs of note are Crazee Man, Le Poseur and Bob The Birdman.






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