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David Cassidy

David Cassidy, Romance,1985


Picture 040

Romance The Letter
Touched By Lightning Heart Of Emotion
The Last Kiss Tenderly
Thin Ice She Knows All The Boys
Someone Remember Me
The Last Kiss Extended
Romance (DMC Mix)
Romance (Let Your Heart Go)Love Mix)


David Cassidy was 70´s teen idol trying to have a more credible album in the 80´s.
I always found David more credible than Donny Osmond.I read somewhere years ago he was going to record with Mick Ronson with whom he became friendly with,now I would of liked to of heard that.
I have checked out some of his albums from the 70´s over the years and quiet like The Higher They Climb The Harder They Fall, 1975.There are some good tracks on those and I think David really wanted to be a Rock and Roll Star ( as one of the tracks was called ) rather than a Teen star.

R-3143376-1317761087I always liked David´s voice although I never bought anything by him untill I heard The Last Kiss, UK no 6 which I thought was a really good pop single, so i checked out his album which included two other singles, Romance UK no 54 and Someone UK no 86.
I actually like this album great production by Alan Tarney which still sounds good today and David´s voice is great on these tracks, Especially Touched By Lightning.Other tracks from this album I like are The Letter and Heart Of Emotion. I´ve included three remixes of Romance and The Last Kiss
He also co wrote most of the albums songs.

David-Cassidy-Romance-70226Guest artists on the album included Basia on background vocals on the single Romance and George Michael sang on the single Last Kiss.
It´s a shame the album wasn’t a bigger hit, but he did do one more album which I also liked before he too went down the nostalgia route.
And yes it is Sam Fox on the picture disc.


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  1. music_bliss says:

    Thank you soooo much. A genius collection of David Cassidy songs from the Romance LP. I’ve got the LP at the time and some of the tracks still sound as awesome as ever, notably the hits Romance and The Last Kiss. But the bonus section is sublime, esp the Sanny-X Lovemix. Been looking for it for a while, its a killer to find on the net. It’s pure heaven, my bro’s bought the limited edition 12″ at the time and it blew my mind then. Having it in digital format allows me to hear it full blast as I drive to work. Also love the fact you got the record sleeves/covers on this site, brings back memories and seeing the visuals is such a wonderful sight to see. Never see the picture disc version, sheesh Mr Cassidy’s a lucky man! Keep up the good work. Total respect

  2. Naomi says:

    Thanks a lot! I’ve been looking for this for some time now and I don’t have a record player so I couldn’t get the vinyl, thank you so much for helping me complete my David Cassidy collection, I was sure I would never find Romance

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