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Clox /Clox Italia

Clox/Clox Italia, Singles Collection


front album sleeve


Looking The Part

Leave It In

Follow Me To The Water


The Animals Came

Mountain To Mohammad

Ageing Agent

You Belong To Me

Bonus Tracks

Leave It In (Rehearsal)

Looking The Part (Rehearsal)

Young Love Is Hard (Edit)


Peter Reeves: Vocals,Piano,Synths

John Cox: Guitar,Bass,Vocals,Piano,Synths

Rosemary McLusky,Synth,Vocals

Pete Cox: Guitar,Synth,Vocals

Bruce Winn: Prums Percussion,Chant

Clox made just three singles as far as I can find and one under the name Clox Italia.

Every single song here is pure synth heaven it´s very hard to pick a favourite. I have added three tracks I found which are an interesting listen, surely there is more out there from this talented band.

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  1. Claudio says:

    Another great and ultra rare collection of singles of an unknown new wave band that certa only deserved better attention!
    Thanks Mikey

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