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Bim, Boobams Out!, 1981

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Side 1 Side 2
Change  Who´s With You?
Shadowed Look At The World
What Are WE Up Against? Factory
Wally Rap Romance
Budapest Buisiness
Young And Wrong Broken




I first became aware of Bim when I bought their 12inch single Factory in 1982. Then I bought their single Romance which I have seen posted on some blogs.This seems to be the one song people remember.

When I was looking for Factory again I saw that there were more singles by the band so I bought what was available, I didnt realize that there was an album out there.
When I was about to post a single collection by the band I checked again to see if I´d missed any more as there is no record of the band which I can find anywhere on the web I came across an album at Gemm and another single,I had to have them,30 euros later and they were with me.
It contained all the singles I had bought earlier and their b-sides,it is in mint condition and is a Japanese release with a fantastic sleeve with inner sheet which has the lyrics and high quality vinyl.

The album had four songs released as singles, these included the brilliant Factory – which I never tire of- Romance, Change and Wally Rap (despite it´s title) were also good singles which desevred to be heard and be hits.
Boombams Out! (Dreadful title) has other great songs as well my favorites being What Are We Up Against? (reminds me of the Specials) Broken, Who´s With You and Look At The World are also really good songs.

Sadly Bobby Henry died on 20th Sept 2011

Bim were
Cameron McVey, Vocals
Steve Street, Bass and Percussion
Brian Wren, Drums and Percussion
Andy Harley,Keyboards

Thanks to Bobby Henry on Guitars

Additional Percussion,Luis Jardin
Brass Section,Patrick Daniels
Hirsham Holder,Gary Banton
Adventure Frocks, Anthony Price

Produced by Laurie Latham At The Workhouse Studio,London

Cover Painting,Tom Chantrell

Design Cameron McVey

NENEH_CHERRY_CAMERONWhen I bought the original single Factory I thought Bim was the guy on the sleeve,Cameron McVey but didnt know they were a band till I received the album.
Cameron McVey is Neneh Cherry´s husband.

Cameron Andrew McVey is best known as a music producer,his credits include Massive Attack, Jamelia, Portishead, Eagle Eyed Cherry, Cher Lloyd, All Saints, Sugarbabes and Neneh Cherry.

R-810400-1328040467In 1986 he released a single as a duo with Jamie Mogan under the name Morgan/McVey called Looking Good Diving,produced by Stock Aitkin Waterman. The b-side featuring Neneh doing some rap,the song would later be reworked and became Buffalo Stance which was a massive hit for Neneh in 1988.

In 2003 McVey along with Paul Simm, Silvio Pacini and Neil Pearson released the self-produced album 162, under the name of Virgin Souls.

CirKus was Cameron´s next band.Going under the alias Burt Ford, ( along with Neneh Cherry, Matt Kent (aka Karmil) and Lolita Moon in 2006 they released the album Laylow. A second album followed called Medicine which was released in 2008

Madness-OneStepCameron is also a ex-photographer who has shot for the likes of i-D, Vogue, Brides, The Observer, The Face and Interview.

He also shot the cover of Madness’s iconic album One Step Beyond …









25 Responses to “Bim”

  1. cozy t says:

    BIM was a cool uk musical outfit from way back
    in the early nineteen eighties
    actually Mikey there are quite a few singles
    BIM made that are not mentioned here
    I have the records in an attic in another house
    so they are not with me
    so I am unable to upload them onto mp3 but you can easily buy them 2nd hand from the online music stores , the info I got from the 'music week' book and which I semi remember myself has the first 7 inch single as being the utterley fantastic
    on side b a tune which wouldn't seem out of place if it was recorded by Lilly Allen.
    the second single was called REQUEST TIME and
    b side is DON'T PANIC which you do mention here
    the third single is the infamous ROMANCE which as some people remember was not a chart hit in the uk at the time I thought it would be massive
    I didn't hear it in the clubs but I remembered
    the posters with the single sleeve plastered around town , the b side on the 7 inch is
    SHE CALLED ME ROBERT worth hearing for the reggae beat sound
    'the BLIND LEAD THE BLIND 7 inch has LEAD THE BLIND as it's b side so assuming it's an extention of the a side or a dub mix but different to the one you have here .
    now on to the 12 inch versions;
    ROMANCE has GIFT OF TIME as the b side
    FACTORY has two b side tunes BUISNESS and GIFT OF TIME , no idea why GIFT OF TIME was included again but the bass line is lethal!
    and lastly BLIND LEAD THE BLIND has MIGHT AS WELL DANCE as the b side which as far as I know
    is the last tune that they recorded as BIM and released as records
    hope the info is useful
    cozy t

  2. Mikeyten says:

    Cheers Cozy,
    good to hear someone else remembering BIM I will look out for thise singles, I dont remember Gift of Time as mine had Buisness on the BSide and I have found Blind Leading The Blind, but the BSide seems to be just a mono version which is on sale at Music Stack.Just found the 12inch and that has Might As Well Dance on it.
    I will buy these one day and when I do I will post them, thanks for your comment it made my day,Cheers Mikey

  3. cozy t says:

    Hi Mikey
    yeah I think there was probably some confusion
    over the Bim releases as I had obsessed at the time back in the 1980's!
    the 12" uk version of ROMANCE has GIFT OF TIME as the b side although other import copies may vary but the uk 7" has SHE CALLED ME ROBERT .
    BLIND LEAD THE BLIND uk 7" has a dub version
    on the b side
    are as stated , both fantastic singles
    actually I'm glad there is a blog on BIM
    as I haven't these songs in many a year
    probably nearly 30 years!
    so it would be brilliant to hear them on the

  4. Andrew says:

    Found this looking for the 12" of Factory – haven't heard it for the longest time, thanks!

  5. John says:

    Hello. I’m trying to find the song, “Delicious Gone Wrong” by BIM. Can anyone tell me where to find this song? Thanks.

  6. cliff says:

    I enjoyed hearing this again
    what did anyone else think of it?

    Mikey have you got gift of time or might as well dance
    and request time to post on here

    much appreciated

  7. cliff says:

    it will be worth the wait Mikey

  8. brian wren says:

    Hello. I am completely astounded, 30 years on and I discover myself on my phone AND it turns out I had a single released in Japan…..-i was the drummer in the band.

    • adminmike says:

      Hi Brian,
      great to hear from you, thankyou for the great Bim music, I´ve enjoyed the band for years, maybe you could tell us fumore about he band and if this is all the full discography as finding information about Bim is very scarce on the net, cheers and all the best Mikey

      • Emma Bloomfield says:

        Just discovered this site. I remember going to see BIM a couple of times at the Half Moon in Herne Hill, South London in around 1981. I was 17/18 and loved the energy and everyone jumping around. I’ve still got the copy of Romance/She called me Robert. Good times!

        Had no idea he was married to Neneh Cherry.

  9. Richard says:

    Does anyone have “Don’t Panic” as an mp3? I haven’t heard this for at least 25 years but still find myself humming it sometimes.

  10. Richard says:

    Brilliant, cheers. Hadn’t heard this for decades 😉

  11. G-Man says:

    Just in case anyone reading this did not know, Bobby Henry died on 20th Sept 2011. It was very sad news.

  12. lucy henry says:

    hi i am bobby’s daughter and was just looking for some of his work… thanks so much for your kind words. My dad would have loved it! x

    lucy x

    • adminmike says:

      Hi Lucy, thanks for your comment, if there anything I have that you would like ( album singles) I´d gladley post them on to you, I loved Bim, all the best Mikey

  13. cozyt says:

    thanks for posting the BIM singles
    they were great were’n’t they
    Bobby’s band BIM alway’s lives on in my life
    always listen to them when I can
    shame there is not any more music by the group
    available – that would be great .


    cozy t

  14. Mickey Howard says:

    Hi Lucy, I played guitar in The Risk, your Dad`s backing band in 79/80 just before Bim formed.. I have mp3`s of an album we recorded, but was never released if you would like them.
    all the best

  15. Emma Bloomfield says:

    I remember going to see BIM a couple of times at the Half Moon in Herne Hill, South London in around 1981. I was 17/18 and loved the energy and everyone jumping around. I’ve still got the copy of Romance/She called me Robert. Good times!

    Had no idea he was married to Neneh Cherry.

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