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Berlin Blondes

Berlin Blondes, Berlin Blondes,1980



Side 1 Side 2
Framework Secret Days
Astro Mannequin
Science Secret Days
Romance Neon Probe
Trials To Istanbul Zero Song
Bonus tracks


Berlin Blondes;
Steven Bonomi, Robert Farrell,Jim Spender
Drums;Paul Simmons, Danny Frankel (Science)
Backing Vocals, Drew McCuññoch (Zero Song)

Produced by Mike Thorne

Just bought this album again for a good price and a friend  put onto a CD for me.

I had already bought their single Framework.Their other single from the album was the fab, Science.

Other tacks I really like are,Romance, Mannequin and Astro,great track.
Fantastic to have this album again.


 Here are a couple of live recordings one a cover version of Kraftwerk´s The Model and an unknown song.

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  1. Shawn says:

    Would you mind checking the first Mediafire link for the full LP? Comes up with an error over here!

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