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Bad Baby

Bad Baby, Bad Baby, 1985


aSide 1

A Dream Within A Dream

Broken Hearted

Salvation Army


Side 2


Mont Blanc

(Out Of The Frying Pan) Into The Fire

Cry Baby Cry

Olaf Hille-Voc, Guitar

Anja Jaroschinski, Piano Voc

Heiner Tiedemann, Piano, synth

Peter Borchardt, Drums, Drum Computer, Perc

Bad Baby as far as I know they only made two records this one and another mini album called The Second Scene. I have seen this posted in blogland but wanted to post my own rips. It came in a gatefold sleeve with the lyrics inside.


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  1. Jenny says:

    Hi there!

    Something wonky with the link?

    Thank you 4 sharing!


  2. Jenny says:

    Thanks Mikey!!!!


  3. Joel Goodsen says:

    Once again, Big, Big, Big Thanks Mikey! ( but dead link :/ )

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