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Alastair Riddell

Alastair Riddell,Positve Action, 1982



Side One Side Two
Do You Read Me Zero
Let Her Know Finest Dream
Have A Heart I Saw The World
Passion & Love Futura
We All Take Off Positive Action

I first became aware of Alastair Riddle hearing his number one million selling single Out On The Streets (many years later) when he fronted the glam rock band Space Waltz.

R-1054299-1238397976It was only when I saw a review of the re released album that I bought the CD.It really is a great glam/prog album.

Space Waltz won the New Zealand music award for best new act in 1975. They received this award after they appeared on the New Zealand talent show ‘New Faces’ in 1974 which resulted in the massive number one single.

R-1709471-1238397022Alastair released a second self-named album in 1978, which featured the hits What Good Does It Do Me and Wonder Ones. A very good album which you can buy from itunes or here

His third album was 1982´s Positive Action Alastair´s  Synthpop period which has taken me a long time to a finf a copy, I had heard the tracks which had been posted on youtube but never the full album. Well here it is at last in all its 80´s synth glory.

Alastair Riddell has spent this last ten years directing and shooting films. His first feature Broken Hallelujah is in post production, and his short film The Last Stop premiered to a full house at the Academy Cinema in Auckland in April 2012.



He still making music, he released a single in 2012 called Last of the Golden Weather available here

Alastair Riddell Facebook  page here

Space Waltz myspace page here

Buy Alastair Riddell on itunes here and  Amazon here


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