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Afraid Of Mice

Afraid Of Mice, The Singles


Intercontinental What I Want
Have A Nice Day Transparents
What Shall We Do That´s Not True
I´m On Fire At The Club
Down In The Dark My Dog Likes Music
Popstar I Will Wait




Phil Jones – Vocals, Guitar, Sax, Flute, Keyboards, Geoff Kelly – Bass,Vocals,Clive Gee – Drums, Sam Brew – Guitars

Afraid Of Mice were a Liverpool  band who released a string of excellent singles in the early 80´s which were produced by David Tony Visconti.

I first came across the band in 1981 when I purchased Popstar in a bargain bin for 50pence- Why this wasn’t a hit I´ll never no- Later I collected all their singles and their self titled album.

Here are all their singles together with the B-sides which were not included on their self titled album.Also included is the Melody Album Sampler Flexi Disc.

The pick of the B-Sides for me are Down In The Park, What I Want and the fantastic live track I Will Wait.




Bonus Tracks

Don´t Take Your Love Away*

I´m Not A Fighter**

A Trip To The Dentist**




* From the album Jobs For The Boys, Various Artists

** From the album A Trip To The Dentist, Various Artists

Find both albums and more info about the band at the wonderful Music…isms blog HERE


  Flexi Disc Fold Out Poster Sleeve, Medley-Abum Sampler













9 Responses to “Afraid Of Mice”

  1. Claudio says:

    Fab and rare collection Mikey! An underrated new wave band of the early 80s! Thank you for sharing these singles!
    Goodnight Claudio

  2. Norm says:

    Phil signed all mine.

  3. zigzagwanderer says:

    Thanks , I saw AOM many times around Liverpool & the Wirral . I believe there’s some sort of reunion or tribute AOM that includes Lance Donnelly , son of Albie , the leader of another great 70’s Liverpool band – Supercharge .

  4. zigzagwanderer says:

    Second album – Official Bootleg ?? Christmas could be early this year …………………

  5. Morris linton says:

    Love love love this album. Listening to it right now. Converted it from vinyl to mp3 and sounds great. Very underrated band who I wish I had seen when I was younger.

  6. dj guiver says:

    hello , is possible download again please , i can’t , very thanks and thanks for your new wave music

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