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Academy, The Collection


On The Beach (Extended) White Heat
Keep Quiet Keep On Pushing
Stranded Turn It Up
Heaven Waits Stranded (Extended)
Tonight (The World Keeps Swinging) Tonight (Extended)
Paint Me Blue Keep On Pushing (Extended)
You Are In My System
Stand Up




I thought I´d put together this collection of singles from the Academy, it includes all their six singles as far as I know, On The Beach, Stand Up, Stranded, Tonight (The World Keeps Swinging), You Are In My System and Keep On Pushing. It also includes all the B-sides. The Sleeve is by myself.

9 Responses to “Academy”

  1. 22ndWave says:

    I’ll keep you posted for sure and good job putting this together. Really love the band. Had a great sound. Just another one that slipped through the cracks.
    In the meantime, It’s unlikely but I was wondering if you had heard of a (possibly German) synthpop band called ‘Covent Garden’ They released an album called ‘For Reasons Of Conscience’ in 1993. I have one track and really want to get the album but I can’t find ANYTHING on it. Not even the cover art. Can you help?

  2. adminmike says:

    Hi, cheers, sorry no I have nothing by Covent Garden,

  3. chaz says:

    Hi – thanks for putting this together! Since Megaupload has been busted, the download link is no longer available. Any way you could post it using some other service for the time being? Thanks!

  4. chaz says:

    Thanks! However the link appears to only take you to the mediafire home page. Appreciate your time on this.

  5. chaz says:

    got it – thanks again!

  6. Lera says:

    Just wow! Thank you, Mike!

  7. Musiclover says:

    Sorry, but the link does not exist and I’m so sad 🙁
    Can you ReUp?

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