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2wo Third3

2wo Third3, Doppelganger,  (Unreleased )1994


Hear Me Calling Been This Way For Years
Ease The Pressure A Different Story
I Want The World Prince Albert
Dangerous Games I Want To Be Alone
A Change Of Heart Lover & Best Friend
Now I Found You






 Taken from Discogs:

“For a brief moment in the mid-90s, 2wo Third3 were the greatest band in the world.

The four-piece trio (Biff, their cartoon character songwriter, went on to write most of the Spice Girls’ number ones) only released four singles – an album was recorded by never issued – but they represent a perfect pocket of super-stylised pop.

As well as Lee, Danny, Victor and Biff, 2wo Third3 were also the work of manager Tom Watkins (Pet Shop Boys, East 17, Bros) and London design firm Form (responsible for most decent record sleeves since 1991).

They were also the first sort-of-openly gay pop band.
After band split-up:
Lee disappeared for a few years and then re-emerged as 4th Child
Dan went into music publishing and licensing.
Victor went back to plumbing.
Biff went on to bigger, better things in the world of music production. “

This is the unreleased album Dopplelganger by 2wo Third3.

Why it wasn’t released is a mystery as it´s a good solid pop album. Along with it´s four singles standout tracks are, Lover & Best Friend which also could have been a single, Prince Albert and  Now I´ve Found You which was later covered by Lee the lead singer under the name 4th Child.

Mock up sleeve by Mikeyten


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