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2nd Secret Affair

Repost – 2nd Secret Affair, Running In The Night, 1990

Side 1

Running In The Night*

Where Are You Now

Spread Your Wings

Love Me To Leave Me

Crime Of Emotion

Side 2

Chinese Girl

Never Been In Town


I Can Feel Your Heartbeat

Stand Up

A Mambo Music Production for Polydor

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Lead vocals, Linus

Keyboards and programing, Hago Schmitz, Lothar Krell, Markus Lohr, Herb Quick

Guitars, Matts Bjorklund, Markus Lohr, Ch.Moritz, Robby Musenbichler,

Saxophone, Heiner Wiberny

Drums, Curt Cress

Vocals Hubert Kah*?

Backing vocals, Tommy Amper, Tom Bellini, Jojo Brock, Karen Faust, Freda Goodlet, Hubert Kemmler, Victoria Miles,Peter Risavy, Elke Schlembach, Tina Tool.

I dont know anything really about this band except that I loved the single Running In The Night and the wonderful Crimes Of Emotion, I’m not sure if  Bo Bo Zero are actually the same band? as they also released Crimes Of Emotioin in 1985.  It look s like Hubert Kah may of had a hand in this but I couldn’t find his name on the album sleeve but I did read somewhere that he sang lead vocals on Running In The Night. A nice album overall but the two tracks mentioned are the best songs here.

Bo Bo Zero

Fire And Ice, 1986

Crimes Of Emotion, 1985


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  1. Andy says:

    Had never heard of this band. I really like it. Thank you for posting it.

  2. Joel Goodsen says:

    Thank u soo much for the post Mikey… unfortunately, dead links

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